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Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site is located in Walloomsac, NY. It is the site of a Revolutionary War battle between the British forces of General John Burgoyne and Colonel Friedrich Baum against the American forces under Brigadier General John Stark and Colonel Seth Warner.

This battle was fought in August 1777 in a British effort to capture American storehouses in Bennington to restock their depleting provisions. The British forces had underestimated the strength of their enemy and most of their men were killed or taken prisoner while the Americans sustained smaller losses.

The British surrendered on October 17, 1777, after two unsuccessful battles in Saratoga. Facilities at the site include game fields, 276 acres, interpretive panels, information room, and restrooms.

History of the Barnett Homestead

The Battle of Bennington actually took place in Walloomsac, NY around the Homestead, and at the time of the Battle there was a small cabin near the bridge. The Homestead was built around 1840 by the Barnett family and is a beautiful example of an early neo-classical home with its sweeping staircase, large formal parlor, and intimate "sitting room".

In 1924, the State of New York purchased the battle area and the house. The original plan for the house was to turn it into a museum, but the State turned it into a home for the caretaker. Negotiations for the use of the house for a Visitor's Center started to take place in 2003 between the State and Town.

Today, the Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site is managed through a cooperative agreement between New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Town of Hoosick.


Programs and Activities


(Jan 20) Weekend Lecture

(Apr 12) First Tour of the Season

(May 4) I Love My Park Day

(May 10) Tour of Bennington Battlefield

(May 18) Hoosick History & Heritage Fair

(May 27) Memorial Day Program: Weaponry in the Battle of Bennington


(Dec 7) Wreath Workshops

(Nov 7) Nov Updates & "Voices of the Fallen"

(May 18) Hoosick History & Heritage Fair

(Mar 14) Get Involved - Plenty of ways to become an active part of your battlefield.

(Feb 15) Our YouTube channel - premiere of a presentation by Michael Gabriel


(Nov 5) Veterans Day at Bennington Battlefield - "We Remember the Battle"

(Oct 6) Upcoming Events at Bennington Battlefield

(Sept 6) News from the Battlefield - Battle Weekend

(Aug 13-14) August Events - Battle Weekend Reenactment

(May 7-30) Where is David? - Upcoming Programs


(22 & 31 Jul) Walking Tour and Musket Demonstrations

(15 May) Loyalist Focus Tour - A first look at 11 newly acquired acres!

(12 Mar - 1 Apr) Winter Virtual Programs


(19 December ) Eleven New Acres Around the Loyalist Breastworks

(11 November ) Veterans Day at Bennington Battlefield

( 16 August ) August 16th Commemoration


PBS Video

Hollowed Ground: New York’s Forgotten Revolutionary War Battlefields

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Battle of Bennington Re-enactors

Photo by Bob Wilson