Farming and farm families have helped shaped the Town of Hoosick's economy, rural character and scenic landscapes.

The farm community in Hoosick view farming as a life-long commitment to land stewardship. A good sector of Hoosick's land is today worked by third-generation farmers who are committed to working diligently to protect the Town's natural resources and produce a wide variety of fresh farm products - milk, vegetables, organic meats, cheeses, eggs, and flowers as well as Christmas trees. Hoosick also welcomes the new equine farms as well as the agri-tourism initiatives.

Agriculture is the largest single land use within the Town encompassing approximately 51 percent of the Town's 39,364 acres Prime soils and soils of statewide importance cover approximately 17 percent and 35 percent of the Town respectively.

Along with strong support for Hoosick's three agricultural districts, the Town has adopted a Right to Farm Law. Today, Hoosick is being recognized as one of the strongest agricultural areas in New York State, and recently received funding from State of New York Ag & Markets to develop a Farmland Protection Plan.

Hoosick's identity is based on its agricultural heritage, and the Town encourages residents and visitors to support our farming community by buying local, farm-fresh produce and supporting local, state and federal farming legislation.

The Filkins Valley Farms in Hoosick Falls, have been under the Filkins name since 1920. Currently owned and operated by Myron Filkins, the main crops are hay and pumpkins. Myron also has a herd of black angus cattle.


Berle Farm

Tilldale Farm

The Nelson Farm

The Luke Farm

Harvesting Corn in Late Autumn