Town of Hoosick


the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Hoosick Falls

We have been serving the needs of Hoosick Falls and the surrounding communities for over 100 years. We remain unique in our ability to fill the needs of our neighbors and families of our own community. It is a model that simply does not exist anymore across our great country. We will continue to offer a “Home” close to home for the elderly we love and care for, but we have evolved like anyone who has been here for 100 years.

The former Health Center name was changed to highlight our offering of Rehabilitation Services. The same bright inviting surroundings and dedicated nursing care that welcomes our long term residents is available on a short term basis for all ages needing rehabilitation prior to returning home from a medical procedure.

Please consider The Center your Home Town Nursing and Rehabilitation Partner when choosing rehab therapy services for yourself or your loved ones.