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Hoosic River Watershed Association

Advocates for the River

HooRWA is a citizens’ group that looks after the river. We are dedicated to the restoration, conservation and enjoyment of the Hoosic River and its watershed, through education, research and advocacy. We envision a watershed that is ecologically sound and adds to the quality of life of its residents.


Hoosic River Greenway


Our Path...


It’s hard to say where our rivers stop and our communities begin, so interconnected are they in time and space. Here in the Hoosic River watershed, water powered the mills around which our towns grew. Floodwaters built the rich fields that still grow crops and support livestock. Though for a bleak time our rivers carried away our wastes, now we boat on those rivers and swim in them. We run along them and bike near them – in those rare locations where we can get to them. For on this great network of water, access to our rivers is limited. In the Village of Hoosick Falls, NY, the Hoosic River Greenway is changing that.


Hoosic River Greenway Map

Hoosic River Greenway Map