Town of Hoosick


Arts in Town

The arts in Hoosick Falls began with the discovery of Grandma Moses' paintings in 1938 in a drugstore window (today--Upsy Daisy and Bagel Shop) on John Street by art collector Louis J. Caldor. Grandma Moses captured the spirit and memorialized Hoosick's scenic countryside in her paintings. Today, that same beauty and tranquility acknowledged by Grandma Moses has inspired internationally and nationally recognized artists to Hoosick, which they now call home.

Hoosick embraces the arts community, and recognizes the important role it has to play in articulating the identity of Hoosick, as well as the cultural and economic benefits that arts bring.

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Mt. Nebo Gallery

60 Grandma Moses Road

Eagle Bridge, NY 12057

Phone: (518) 686-4334

As a fourth generation member of the renowned Moses Family, Will Moses creates paintings that reflect the quiet beauty of this tiny community nestled close to the Vermont border. Visit Will Moses and the Mt. Nebo Gallery for more information.

Parisi Designs & Co.

5 John Street

Hoosick Falls, NY 12090

(518) 686-4471

Custom picture framing


Mural of "Wagon Repair Shop" by Grandma Moses depicted on a 100 year-old building in the Village of Hoosick Falls.