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                On December 2-4 Class Counsel representing people affected by the PFOA contamination in the Town of Hoosick and Village of Hoosick Falls met with hundreds of residents at the Armory to answer questions  and assist in filing Claim Forms and supporting documentation to allow them to participate in the Class Action Settlement. The turnout for this first Workshop was much larger than anticipated  and although hundreds of people were assisted, the waits were long and some people were turned away.  A second Workshop has now been scheduled for the Armory located at 80 Church Street, Hoosick Falls, New York on the following dates:


                Friday January 7, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM


                Saturday January 8, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


Learning from previous experience, Class Counsel will have more people to assist in filing Claim Forms and answering questions as well as to better organize the process and reduce wait times.  Potential Class Members should call Emma Duggan from Weitz & Luxenberg at (212) 558-5677 to schedule an appointment before the Workshop.  People with appointments will be taken first and walk-ins will be taken next.  We strongly recommend calling in advance for an appointment to reduce your wait time.


Potential Municipal Property Damage Class Members should bring with them proof that they owned property serviced by municipal water as of December 2015.  A tax bill from 2015 or a Deed are sufficient.  If you do not have either, we will be able to access tax bills for Village residents and provide that documentation for you.  You will also need a copy of a Village Water Bill documenting that the home is served by Village water.  If you do not have a copy, we also can access the Village bills and can assist you finding that required documentation.  Note: if you are not a Village resident but your home is serviced by the Village municipal water system you will need to bring a copy of a tax bill or deed because Class Counsel does not have access to your tax bill.


Potential Private Well Property Damage Class Members must bring a copy of a positive PFOA well test (date does not matter) and a copy of a Town or County Tax Bill or Deed indicating that you owned property at time contamination was discovered in early 2016.  We do not have access to Town and County Tax bills or PFOA well test results so you need to bring these with you to the Workshop in order for us to file the Claim Form.  If you cannot locate either, we will try to assist you anyway when you arrive.


Potential Private Well Nuisance Class Members For legal reasons, the Nuisance Class is only available to owners and renters of properties with contaminated private wells who resided at that property when the contamination was discovered.  Documentation required for Nuisance are a positive PFOA well test and proof that you owned or rented such property and resided at the property when the contamination was discovered.


Potential Medical Monitoring Class Members To file a Claim for the Medical Monitoring Class you will need a copy of a positive PFOA blood test showing levels greater than 1.86 ug/L (ppb).  If you had your blood tested by NYSDOH at any time but cannot locate a copy of your test results, representatives of NYDOH will be at the Workshop and will be able to provide you with copies of your test results.  IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED YET YOU NEED TO GO TO AND GO TO THE FAQ PAGE FOR THE PHONE NUMBER TO CALL TO ARRANGE A BLOOD TEST IMMEDIATELY.  In addition to having a positive blood test above 1.86 ppb, to qualify for medical monitoring you must also attest that you drank from a contaminated water source in the Village of Hoosick Falls or Town of Hoosick for at least six months between 1996 and 2016. 


The deadline for filing Claim Forms is January 24, 2022.  If you cannot attend the Workshop but need help in filing a Claim Form you can receive assistance over the telephone by calling Emma Duggan from Weitz & Luxenberg at (212) 558-5677.