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Girl Scouts

Help Build a Girls Confidence, Courage, and Character

How about you? Why not join the Girl Scouts in Hoosick as an adult volunteer? Share your enthusiasm, experience, skills, and values, and help a girl to build confidence, courage, and character. If you're interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the local Girl Scouts, please send an email to, or contact Joyce Brewer, Community Chair (518-686-4942) or Michele Pacheco, Community Girl Recruiter (518-686-4886).

Local Girl Scouts Selling Cookies in January

Hoosick Falls Girl Scouts "Give" Thanks

Local Thrift Store Open Two Extra Days in December

"It's all about the girls!"

Hoosick Falls Girl Scouts Commemorate September 11 with a Remembrance Quilt

Back-to-School Clothing and More at Local Thrift Shop
Open August 5 and 6 and Thursdays in August


Hoosick Falls Girl Scouts Selling at Wednesday Band Concerts


Girl Scouts Honor Celebration


Local Thrift Shop Open June 3 and 4


Why not become a Girl Scout? -- as a scout or adult volunteer?


Local Girl Scouts Collect Food for Pantry


Scouts Learn the Steps


Thrift Shop Additional Hours for May


Local Girl Scouts Get Crafty